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Talk Julien Mairal


Le Dr. Julien Mairal (INRIA, Grenoble), précédemment à la soutenance de la thèse de Magda Gregorova, donnera un talk intitulé:

Invariance and Stability to Deformations of Deep Convolutional Representations

Date: Lundi 12 novembre 2018 à 11h00

Lieu: CUI / Battelle bâtiment B, salle B3.08 (3ème étage)



The success of deep convolutional architectures is often attributed in part to their ability to learn multiscale and invariant representations of natural signals. However, a precise study of these properties and how they affect learning guarantees is still missing. In this work, we consider deep convolutional representations of signals; we study their invariance to translations and to more general groups of transformations, their stability to the action of diffeomorphisms, and their ability to preserve signal information. This analysis is carried by introducing a multilayer kernel based on convolutional kernel networks and by studying the geometry induced by the kernel mapping. We then characterize the corresponding reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS), showing that it contains a large class of convolutional neural networks with homogeneous activation functions. This analysis allows us to separate data representation from learning, and to provide a canonical measure of model complexity, the RKHS norm, which controls both stability and generalization of any learned model. In addition to models in the constructed RKHS, our stability analysis also applies to convolutional networks with generic activations such as rectified linear units, and we discuss its relationship with recent generalization bounds based on spectral norms. This is a joint work with Alberto Bietti.