Prof. Eleni Christodoulou

Eleni Christodoulou is an associate professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management Information Science Institute. She received a diploma in Computer Science from the University of South Africa and a and Ph.D. in Medical Informatics in the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Her research interests are in the areas of eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), social robotic services and care community networks. She has an over 25 years working experience in the area of eHealth services combining in the best possible way both the academia and Information Technology sectors (including Siemens and Digital Equipment GmBH, in Germany).  She has been involved as an expert and as a project coordinator in over 30 internationally and nationally funded projects and studies including among others the EC funded projects GrowMeUp, Miraculous-Life, SocialRobot, CogniWin, Co-Living, CaMeLI, AgeingWell, mPower.